Best Holiday Gifts for New Homeowners

If someone you know is celebrating the holidays for the first time in a new home, it can make the season feel extra special. Why not consider a gift that celebrates their new homeowner status? We put together a list of ideas to help you choose the perfect gift.

Casual Gifting

Smarter Smart Bulbs

Called “C,” GE has a line of LED lightbulbs, controlled with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, with no central hub necessary. Two types of bulbs are in the “C” line: The “C Life” is an all-purpose light perfect for bright spaces such as the kitchen, living room or office. The “C Sleep” bulb was designed to support natural circadian rhythms, to assist in improved sleep patterns. It emits a traditional soft light for the day; a warm, soothing light at bedtime, and crisp, energizing light in the morning. Using an app, the lights can be dimmed and set to a timer as a group or individually. When run for three hours a day, the bulbs should last for about two decades. GE has launched a new website to market this product directly to consumers. A starter includes two “C Life” bulbs. A set containing two “C Sleep” bulbs are also available.

Swift Solution for Pet Stains

A pet and carpeting can be a stressful combination because accidents happen. The SpotBot by Bissell is a hands-free spot and stain cleaner. Fill it full of water and the recommended cleaning solution, set it over the stain, push the start button and let it get to work. It automatically injects the special cleaner into the carpet, scours with a rotary brush, rinses, and sucks up all the mess. It does all the scrubbing for you. When it shuts itself off, the stain is cleaned up. You just empty the reservoir into the toilet.

Snap-On USB Outlets

This outlet cover plate with a built-in USB charger is as easy to install as a regular cover plate. To install, shut off power, unscrew the old plate, and screw on the new one —there’s no receptacle replacement required. The USB port gets its power from two prongs that contact the screws on the sides of the receptacle.

Tool Set Small Package

Every homeowner needs tools. Consider the Crescent Pass-Thru Adjustable Wrench Set: This compact tool kit features 10 spline-style sockets that work with hex, square, and external Torx fasteners, from 10 mm to 19 mm and 3/8 to 23/32 in. The pass-through sockets fit over protruding bolt threads and nuts mounted on studs, eliminating the need to carry deep sockets. For more grabbing power, simply replace the smooth jaw with the serrated side, and it becomes a pipe wrench, perfect for stripped bolt heads and pipes up to 1 in.

Gifts with a Personal Touch

DIY Tool Kit

Tools can be a frequently overlooked necessity. If you don’t want to gift an impersonal, pre-made set, you can create one just for your favorite homeowner. Using a large jar, medium-sized crate, or metal box, make a small tool kit. Include a basic, retractable tape measure, a hammer, a couple of extension cords, a screwdriver with Phillips and flat head included, some screws, nails, and wall mounts, and a small portable level. Personalize and decorate the container as desired.

Custom House Portrait Art

Even if it’s not the dream home, who isn’t nostalgic about their first home purchase? Memorialize that first home with a custom house portrait.

Custom Silhouettes

Portraits, ornaments, jewelry; just supply a photo of the new homeowners and present them with a custom piece of silhouette art.

Monogrammed Entry Mat

Give guests a warm welcoming with a nod at the new homeowners’ name. With many styles to choose from, order any letter or name for the rug and it can be delivered right to their front door.

Personalized Pet Portrait

There’s no better way to welcome a pet into a new home than with a personalized portrait. Send in a digital print of the pet, and receive a mounted print ready to hang. Dog, cat, or horse are available in hand painted, digitally drawn, or themed styles.


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