The Halloween Holy Trinity

You know what they say: You only get one chance to make a first impression.

But if you’ve been in your neighborhood for years, and have a reputation for handing out last-minute dinner mints? Your clout in the area is more ghastly than any Halloween theme we could come up with. Not in a good way either. So what do you do to pull yourself out of the October Scrooge image? You get to it with these quick and easy steps!

First off, buy the GOOD candy.

Notice we didn’t say the “great” candy. There’s not enough spirit gum and latex in the world to make us tell you to give up your chilli-chia chocolate bars. But you DO want to make sure you’ve got some ‘best candy’ type list toppers in your handout bag or bowl this year. You know you’re already seeing Christmas stuff in stores, do the right thing, grab a few good bags, and let the kids get cavities that’ll get the ‘worth it’ reaction.

Be supportive!

Or rather, get started on supporting yourself. If you’re supervising a spooky dinner party the day of, walking your kids around the neighborhood, or even volunteering at a community center haunted house, you’re going to be on those feet a while. And nothing harshes the Halloween vibe quite like a grumpy participant. Pop some ibuprofen ahead of time and splurge on the more extravagant supports. Not only are they good year after year, but they’ll keep you on your toes with no need for a salty attitude or a salty foot soak…although you really can do one of those any time.

Get lit.

Real estate golden rules are location, location, location. That’s already out of the way for you. Now that you’re well established, you need to move on to ambiance, ambiance, ambiance. And what lends more ambiance than lighting! If you can pick up a light bulb or five in a thematically suitable color, and replace your porch and window lights for a night, you’re all set as far as a spooky tone, even if the sun hasn’t quite settled down yet. Flameless candles in colored glass containers have a similar effect—with none of the fire hazard for clumsy kids or flowy costumes. Bonus, if you have Prime, Halloween is on a weekday this year.

So now that we’ve taken the fright out of last-minute Halloween prep, what else can we simplify? Restructuring your mortgage for a start.

Take a look at our options and talk to us! The only thing you have to fear is an empty candy bowl.

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