Your 4th of July Fireworks Checklist!

It’s the Fourth!

And now that you’re newly in a home, you’ve got more spreading out and more celebrating to do this holiday! What could mark the anniversary of our country’s independence and the new place better than a few pyrotechnics?

Other than a great potluck spread of course.

But even more important than matching the fruit centerpieces to the cocktails, is fireworks safety!  And there are a few things you’ll need to be sure of before breaking out the various Black Cat branded goods, child-proof lighters, and so on.

How’s the weather?

Has it been arid and breezy for a bit? It’s hardly a stretch of the imagination, but sometimes the climate can surprise us. Still, with the threats of wildfire and drought, you want to be extra careful! Keep up with the advisories in your area and don’t let your fun get out of hand!

Have you considered your launch equipment?

As a 10-year-old, I broke a vase attempting to launch a bottle rocket from it. Mom wasn’t pleased. As a 20-something, firing a TNT style firework from a flower pot sent everyone running for cover as the colored flames went horizontally, rather than vertically. The police weren’t pleased. For aesthetics AND safety’s sake, don’t skimp on the set up!

Have you crossed all your T’s?

Freedom isn’t free…nor is it free from red tape! And with a great new home comes new state, county, and HOA rules! It’s only getting dark past (some of) our bedtimes, and as such, you might butt up against some noise or pyrotechnics rules that aren’t quite what you expected! Make sure to triple check the laws in your area as well as the terms of your neighborhood association and plan your fête accordingly. If you have a police presence at your function, you want it to be because they’re guests, not because they’re there to shut it down.

Are you putting safety first?

Is the spread covered up? Are all the small hands accounted for and washed? Are the drinks getting watered down? These are all important factors with any outdoor dos, but where there are fireworks, or even just sparklers for the kids (and the young at heart), you also want to make sure everyone knows where the baking soda, water buckets, and fire blankets are just in case.

Protip for first time homebuyers—now that you’re out of your apartments, you’ll need to purchase and monitor the refill dates on your own fire extinguishers!

Your new home is an investment! And although we make it as easy as possible to secure your loans and get settled, homeowning isn’t anything to be taken for granted. Keep yourselves safe this holiday and make those memories good ones.

Happy Independence Day everyone!


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