Month: March 2018

Odd Topic Museums in California

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum 1660 Park Ave, San Jose, CA (408) 947 3635 This unusual museum highlights ancient Egypt and its mysterious legends. See real mummies on display, walk through halls that simulate the majestic pyramids, and take a stroll in the peaceful rose gardens. The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum has the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts …

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Why Buying a Home is Better than Renting

Owning your own home has distinct advantages over renting, especially when it comes to building your net worth and providing a stable environment for your family. If you’re struggling with whether to buy versus rent, consider these 10 reasons to take the plunge into homeownership: 1. You can ramp up energy efficiency. Energy-efficient improvements—from adding …

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Selling Your Home? First, Work on Selling Your Yard

One of your first priorities when putting your property on the market should be an objective overview of the visual appeal of your landscaping. Ideally, you want potential buyers approaching your home to see a pleasant, neat, and well-kept yard. First impressions matter—the initial curbside glance should convey to buyers, that you as the current …

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Downsizing for Empty Nesters and Retirees

It sounds so satisfying, in a way, the prospect of working your whole life and then retiring—it’s a goal most of us have, to reach for a reward for decades of toil. With no deadlines to meet, no schedules to keep, no one to answer to, retirement means time to travel, engage in hobbies there …

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How to Make Buying and Selling at the Same Time Work

Buying a home is a serious undertaking, and can be stressful at times. Between keeping paperwork organized, meeting deadlines, and research—and working to sell your home at the same time can turn into one big, overwhelming headache. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re buying and selling a home simultaneously. You …

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Top Ten Reasons to Use a Mortgage Broker

Working with a direct lender like a bank may seem like the thing to do—but an independent third party can offer impartial advice. A mortgage broker has access to a much wider array of products; a mortgage broker’s services can help you make sound financial decisions. Still not convinced? Take a look at these 10 …

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