Month: July 2017

How to Get a First Time Buyer Home Loan in California

If you’re a first-time home buyer in California, you’re probably already overwhelmed just thinking about the whole process. There are so many steps you’ll have to do that it may feel like you’ll never get the keys to your dream home. We hope the advice in this article can help you better understand this aspect …

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Foreclosures Waning = Homeowners Winning

When it comes to “fun homeowner conversations”, decorating, family planning, and congratulations are usually what go around before people come around at housewarming time. The specter of foreclosure however? Not so much. With that kind of phantom hanging around in the wings, it’s no wonder taking the first steps to owning a home can seem …

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Your 4th of July Fireworks Checklist!

It’s the Fourth! And now that you’re newly in a home, you’ve got more spreading out and more celebrating to do this holiday! What could mark the anniversary of our country’s independence and the new place better than a few pyrotechnics? Other than a great potluck spread of course. But even more important than matching …

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