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California Home Mortgages

California Home Mortgage Loans

You can find quite a few types of California home mortgage loans. Understanding what’s available can help you review your options to get an idea of what options might work best for you and your family. Of course, Golden State Mortgage is happy to help you find the right home loan! In the meantime, why …

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How Home Loans Work in California

If you’ve thought about buying a house in the Golden State, you’re not alone. It’s a great place to live! You might wonder how to get a mortgage in California, so we’ve put together a list of what you should know about California home loans. Conventional Mortgage This is the most commonly used type and …

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Advice for Single Homebuyers

Home-buying trends have changed over the last decade, and in today’s new market, more single homebuyers are entering the real estate market than ever before. And, single women have now outpaced single men as a percentage of homebuyers—a whopping 21 percent of all new home purchases are credited to single women. Single men and women …

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Common Mistakes Homebuyers Make

Purchasing a home in California is one of the most exciting and potentially stressful things you can do. The home buying process is also an emotional experience that is very personal to each buyer. When your emotions are involved in a purchase, however, you might end up skipping or overlooking certain details. Here are some suggestions …

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First-Time Homebuyer? Here Are 3 Great Tips to Get You on Your Way

As a first-time homebuyer, maybe you are looking for advice, or maybe you have received more advice than you know what to do with. The process can be a bit overwhelming, but the more you can learn from experts and from the experiences of others, the smoother your home buying process will go. We’ll cover …

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FHA Revises Policies and Opens Doors for First-Time Home Buyers

As owning a home has become more affordable than renting, many renters are eager to make an investment in the market and in their own future. Though most of these prospective buyers could easily handle the monthly mortgage payment, based on the already high rental rate they are paying, the one thing holding some borrowers …

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